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  • Your 4 steps detox routine


    Your 4 steps detox routine

    It's the perfect time for a beauty update, pamper your skin with
    the perfect care products for a radiantly beautiful complexion.

    On all orders over €70, receive your tailor-made 4 step detox
    routine with a pretty pouch
    to restore beautiful skin after
    the holidays. Choose the routine which matches
    your skin type!

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About Mascara

With a single brushstroke mascara will perfect your eyes. It opens up your eyes by spacing out your lashes. Black mascara highlights the curve and impact of your eyelashes, directing all attention towards the colours of your iris and the beauty of your eyes and lashes. A curved brush gives shape to your lashes and curves them perfectly. This creates real volume and enhances your features unlike any other cosmetics product.
Definition mascara is easy to apply and defines your eyes every day. To be the belle of the ball go for volume mascara with its thick brush for an ultimate effect. To lengthen the lashes, lash lengthening mascara is ideal.