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  • Do you like surprises?


    Do you like surprises?

    We have decided not to wait until Christmas to spoil you.

    On all orders over €70, receive this pretty Christmas kit
    and choose 3 skin care essentials and 1 makeup essential
    to slip into your handbag to be radiant in all circumstances.

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About Eye Liner

Eye liner will intensify your gaze and highlight your eyes. It is applied to the edges of your eyes. The pens and brushes available allow for great precision. It is easy to draw a thick, even line.
Eye liners are also available as pencils and brushes. Different colours can be adapted to the colour of your eyes. The pencil versions can be used to soften your gaze for a natural effect and yet remain waterproof. The brush makes you lashes look longer. It is perfectly suited for striking yet sophisticated make-up.