Let the Spring in

    A little sweetness, a lot of cocooning!
    Go back to the essentials with a plant-powered
    beauty routine to pamper yourself at home.

    On all orders over €60, enjoy our spring offer:
    Receive your plant-powered kit with a tote bag.

  • 125 ml
    €15.60 / 100 ml
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About Cleansing Wash

Water-based cleansers are a good way to cleanse your skin while preserving its natural moisture. They purify your face day after day when you apply them. Cleansers and lotions enable you to remove all the impurities and makeup residue from your skin. Different products are suitable for different skin types: combination, oily or dry.
You can also opt for a mild organic soap. Made from completely natural ingredients, it purifies all skin types. In the form of a gel or jelly, effective and exfoliating water-based cleansers are also available. Using a cleansing wash is actually a good way to remove dead skin cells and to energize your face’s skin.