• 50 ml
    €46.00 / 100 ml
  • 50 ml
    €46.00 / 100 ml
  • 11,5 ml
    €269.57 / 100 ml
  • Your 4 steps detox routine


    Your 4 steps detox routine

    It's the perfect time for a beauty update, pamper your skin with
    the perfect care products for a radiantly beautiful complexion.

    On all orders over €70, receive your tailor-made 4 step detox
    routine with a pretty pouch
    to restore beautiful skin after
    the holidays. Choose the routine which matches
    your skin type!

  • 30 ml
    €76.67 / 100 ml
  • 17 g
    €147.06 / 100 g
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Face : sun cream and sun protection

Skincare experts Clarins are here to help you prevent sunburn and fight against the signs of premature ageing. Finding the right sun face protection for your face is essential, meaning specifically adapted skincare products are an absolute must to fight against greasy skin spots and other long-term damage. Depending on your skin type and your existing tan, choose between sun protection factors from 15 right up to 50+.
For mature skin with sensitive areas, discover products which have been designed with your skin's needs in mind. Clarins has created the perfect wrinkle-control sun care protection, as well as a stick formula for a more precise application.