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What's the best make-up for green eyes?

1. Choose the right colours!

If you have green eyes and you want to make the most of them, you'll need to start by choosing the right colours! Green eyes can get away with just about anything, except for pale green, which will wash you out. If you want a tone-on-tone effect, choose a green that's darker than the colour of your eyes to really make them pop. Want to try something different? Embrace plum in all its guises: this is your star colour for enhancing your eyes! For an intense, irresistible look, try a smoky eye by building up layers of grey and smouldering shades.

2. Use the right techniques!

Once you've chosen your perfect colour, start by applying the Instant Concealer primer to your lids. As soon as it is applied, this universal make-up and skincare hybrid instantly refreshes eyes and smooths and brightens skin. The little added bonus is that it improves hold, ensuring your make-up lasts all day! Next, coat your lids in gorgeous shades of plum from the Ombre 4 Couleurs. Build up the colour and intensity, playing with contrast to really bring out the green of your eyes. Feel free to experiment! To enhance the effect, accentuate your eyes by defining them with the Water proof Eye liner NEW . Try drawing a thin line along your upper and lower lash lines, then blending using the liner's foam tip.
Pull it all together with the ultimate glamorous finishing touch, the Mascara 4D 01 Black. This mascara gives lashes an extra helping of volume, curl, definition and length. Green eyes have never looked so good! Like what you see?

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