Terms and Conditions of Sale

What if being
was the real luxury?

These are our Terms and Conditions of Sale, which are often called "T&Cs".
But you already know that's what they're called, because all companies are required to have them for their clients.

"I accept".
How many times have You blindly approved T&Cs? Accepted Terms and Conditions without reading them? Or read them and then immediately forgotten them?

icon When you place an Order, we hope that You will confirm that you really have read our "T&Cs", and that You accept them. We would really like you to read them, because they are the only things that apply to your purchases on our Site.
No need to sign with a pen, just a tick in the box will do.

Woman skateboarding Woman skateboarding

Our T&Cs may change, but to keep things simple, the version that is online on the day You make your purchase will be the one We apply to your order.

Remember to check
them from time to time.

So you can read them when you have a quiet moment,
a downloadable and printable version

can be found here.


What if understanding
better was the real luxury?

Because it's essential to understand what you're letting yourself in for when you buy something, our team has taken the time to explain everything to You, and to tell the "story" of our T&Cs.

They and We are here to help You understand our Products, what rights you have, what You are promising to us, and vice versa.

Not everyone speaks fluent Lawyer, but everyone loves a good story.
So sit back and enjoy this story!

Here we go,
follow the guide!

  • Definitions - Do you speak Clarins?

  • WHO? Let's get to know each other!

  • The WHAT and the HOW: Order our Products on the Site

  • Where?

  • How much? Price and payment conditions

  • "What if I change my mind?"

  • "What should I do if something goes wrong?" You're not on your own!

  • Make the most of “Club Clarins”? Yes you can!

  • Intellectual property

  • Your Personal Data

  • Gift Message Terms