It all begins
in an open-air

From our Domaine Clarins farm, we have created new allies to provide your beauty all the purity benefits of the Alps... with every cleanser!

Nestled at an altitude of 1,400 metres, this natural setting with no air or soil pollution is our signature site where:

• We grow our own plants in harmony with the seasons
• Each ingredient comes from organic agriculture, inspired by permaculture
• Everything is produced with the greatest respect for the environment

Your skin - and the planet - will thank you for it!

Cleansing is an
essential step
for healthy skin!

Every morning, you get ready for the day... But do you know about the importance of evening skincare?

We'll show you that 2 simple and gentle steps every evening - without exception - are the key to healthy skin!

01 Gentle

Cleanser packaging Cleanser packaging Cleanser packaging

Whatever your beauty habits, the make-up removal step is ES-SEN-TIAL to take care of your skin and remove all the impurities that build up during the day.

One for every skin type

A pioneer in preserving skin flora (since 1995!) and committed to listening to women’s needs, Clarins has created 3 new cleansers ! Micellar water, milk and oil...

Which is right for you? Go to the bottom of this page to find out.

Our secret?

The plant duo of organic yellow gentian + organic lemon balm,
grown for the first time on our Domaine Clarins farm, make-up the [Gentle Complex],
an exclusive complex infused into each of these cleansers
to soothe, calm and soften your skin. All at the same time!



Lemon Balm

Visual of Domaine Clarins Visual of Domaine Clarins Visual of Domaine Clarins Visual of Domaine Clarins

Le Domaine Clarins offers us the chance to grow the best ingredients while preserving the environment”

Dr Olivier Courtin-Clarins

02 Rebalance

Lotion packaging Lotion packaging Lotion packaging

For a guaranteed healthy glow, the balance of your skin flora needs to be restored.

That’s the role of our, adapted to each skin type. The right one for you will be revealed at the bottom of the page.

What is the

Did you know that your body’s skin is composed of 1,000 billion bacteria ? This makes up what we call the “skin microbiota”. Don't worry, they are neither good nor bad but they must remain balanced for beautiful and healthy skin! Which sometimes isn't the case.

In fact, pollution, UV rays, antibiotics, etc. all disturb this balance and make your skin appear dull, uncomfortable and prone to imperfections.


To combat this...

A Clarins innovation: The [Microbiota Complex]!

Found in each of these lotions, it is composed of 3 marine-based ingredients and 1 earth-based and acts on the skin microbiota while rebalancing the skin type.




Woman putting on cream

Which is your perfect duo?

It’s easy to find out: click on your preference
+ the skin type that
corresponds to you.

 For lovers of immediate freshness For lovers of immediate freshness
For fans of comfort and softnessFor fans of comfort and softness
For addicts of long-lasting make-upFor addicts of long-lasting make-up
My skin is combination to oilyMy skin is combination to oily
My skin is normal to dryMy skin is normal to dry
My skin is very dry or sensitive My skin is very dry or sensitive
Cleansing Micellar Water

Cleansing Micellar

Velvet Cleansing Milk

Velvet Cleansing

Total Cleansing Oil

Total Cleansing

Purifying Toning Lotion

Purifying Toning

Hydrating Toning Lotion

Hydrating Toning

Soothing Toning Lotion

Soothing Toning