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  • Do you like surprises?


    Do you like surprises?

    We have decided not to wait until Christmas to spoil you.

    On all orders over €70, receive this pretty Christmas kit
    and choose 3 skin care essentials and 1 makeup essential
    to slip into your handbag to be radiant in all circumstances.

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    1 unit
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About Foundation

Foundation is perfect for improving a dull complexion. It camouflages flaws, marks and red patches on the skin. The face becomes unified and smooth. Light infusing radiance foundation and perfecting creams will brighten up a tired looking face. The palette is available for every skin tone so that the illusion is perfect. The differing textures, cream or powder based, are soft and easy to apply. Put a few drops of foundation on your face each morning and apply it gently and evenly. Your face will be brighter and even more beautiful than it naturally is.