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What can I do about water retention?

1. What causes water retention?

Water retention occurs when the body retains water in its tissues, instead of eliminating it. The result is bloating in some parts of the body, such as the legs, and often translates into weight gain. Water retention can also cause cellulite. There are many possible reasons for water retention: hormonal imbalances, heat, too much salt and some medication.

2. Flush it away!

Paradoxically, the first thing to do to keep water retention at bay is to drink up! Drinking water triggers liquid elimination. Exercise regularly, too. There's nothing quite like a good workout session to stimulate blood flow and drain water-logged tissue. Embrace a low-salt diet because salt traps and retains liquid. Finally, eat lots of plant proteins, as protein deficiency can cause tissue to retain water.

3. Choose the right slimming product.

To help your body get rid of excess water, you need to boost blood flow and lymphatic circulation. Choose a targeted product such as the Tonic Body Treatment Oil "Firming/Toning", which contains plant extracts to reduce bloating and firm up the body. Used daily, the plant extracts in this oil tone the skin and encourage toxin and fluid elimination. Apply your oil using a draining massage to stimulate lymphatic circulation, which is key to helping the body evacuate excess liquid. An effective way of fighting water retention.

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