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What can I do about saddlebags?

1. What are saddlebags?

Saddlebags refer to fat that is stored on the top sides of the thighs and hips. If you have saddlebags, then rest assured, you are not alone! Many women are affected by fat stored in this area. But how do you get rid of it? Read on!

2. Work on your lifestyle.

Although diet is not the primary cause of saddlebags, it can exacerbate them and potentially even slow down the process of getting rid of them. When your goal is to slim down this area, choose healthy foods that are low in processed sugar and bad fats. Consider adding cardio workouts to your schedule, try: speed walking, running or cycling. Aim to complete workouts and exercises that target your bottom and thighs. There's no quick-fix cheat here, you have to get moving to lose the weight.

3. Use a targeted skin care product.

In addition to a healthy diet and cardio, treat yourself to a daily massage with Body Fit, an anti-cellulite cream gel packed with quince leaf, celosia, baccharis, organic water mint and blue button flower extracts to reduce the appearance of cellulite and firm up skin. Over the weeks, orange peel is erased and your body will look toned and sculpted.

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