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How do I get rid of dark circles?

1. Why do dark circles appear?

Whatever your age, at some point you may start to notice dark circles appearing. The skin in the eye contour area is particularly fragile, and can start to darken. If your circles are blue, the culprit is either poor microcirculation or lack of sleep. If they are brown, overproduction of the skin's natural pigment may be responsible. The good news is that they can be faded!

2. The perfect product for under-eye circles

To banish dark circles, start with a targeted treatment for the eye contour area. Choose your product based on their root cause. If they are brown, look to the Mission Perfection Eyes with acerola extract to help suppress excess melanin. If they look blue, reach for the Eye Contour Gel for Dark Circles to fight the signs of tiredness. This gel gets to work on your under-eye circles for the kind of rested, sparkling eyes you have after a good night's sleep.

3. Make-up: camouflaging your under-eye circles

Once you've applied your eye treatment, you can also add a touch of make-up to conceal any remaining darkness. Your ultimate ally for this is an under-eye concealer! Available in four shades, the Instant Light Brush-On Perfector is perfect for instantly brightening your eye area. Choose a shade a little lighter than your foundation to enhance the illuminating effect. Apply a little product and gently tap until blended in. And there you have it! Gorgeous eyes, even if you've been up all night.

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