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Moisturising care: choosing your day and night cream?

1. Day cream for day-long protection

Day and night creams... are like night and day. During the day, skin is subjected to a number of harsh external factors, whether it is oily, combination or dry. Among them: pollution, UV rays, temperature changes and stress. Day creams are therefore designed to protect and hydrate skin. They can also have targeted effects on skin ageing, excess sebum production and dehydration. If you have oily skin, choose a lightweight, fluid texture. If you have dry skin, try something richer and creamier.

2. Night cream for regeneration

Come night, skin gets some well-deserved rest and regenerates. This is why sleep is so essential for skin that glows! Night creams draw on this down-time to boost regeneration, while supplementing your day cream. Skin is refreshed and revitalised upon waking.

3. Clarins day & night duos to cover every base

At Clarins, there's a day/night duo to keep your skin happy. For women looking to fight the first signs of ageing and restore glow, the Multi-Active day and night creams are ideal. Want to firm up your face and keep skin looking youthful? Try the Extra-firming range to smooth wrinkles and sculpt your face by day, and even out your skin tone by night. Week after week, your skin radiates an inner glow. Finally, if you want to give your skin a helping hand in tackling menopause-related hormonal changes, try the Super Restorative day and night creams, which target loss of density.

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