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Which high coverage foundation should I choose?

1. High coverage foundation: the ultimate beauty weapon

Dullness, dark spots, acne scars, spots and dilated pores are blemishes that every woman would prefer to hide for a flawless complexion. Because combination and oily skin types are prone to blemishes, high coverage foundations and concealers will be of particular relevance to them.

2. The Everlasting solution

If you're looking for the best high coverage foundation for sensitive skin that feels light to wear, try the Everlasting Foundation + designed by Clarins to conceal blemishes with no mask-like effect. Your complexion stays matte and radiant throughout the day, while small imperfections are blurred and concealed. The EVERLASTING FOUNDATION'S hydrating formula keeps skin supple for complete comfort and a radiant glow. Perfect coverage from morning to night!

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