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The Clarins Box (It’s here!)

Time to indulge in our exciting make-up and skincare routines! You’ll obsess over these new subscription-free Clarins beauty boxes! The current box:

The Sunshine Box


  • What’s in the Clarins Box?

    1 full-size product or 1 exclusive beauty accessory 1 Clarins product routine developed with love 1 beauty guide 1 good dose of pampering and well-being

  • Why should I go for it?

    To feel the quality of Clarins products on your skin To show your skin some love To treat yourself

  • How do I get one?

    Order your box on or visit your participating Skin Spa Receive it at home, at work, or at a friend’s place... Open it and start your beauty routine!

In the Sunshine Box:

  • Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream 30ml, for a luminous complexion
  • Liquid Bronze Self-Tanning 10ml, for a healthy summer glow
  • Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Honey Glitter, for a dazzling smile
  • Supra Volume Mascara mini, perfect for travel
  • Flamingo wash bag
    for your summer travels
  • Beauty Guidefor tips and tricks to flawless skin

The Sunshine Box


This space is dedicated to those who already have the Earth Box or Booster Box

Enter the code found in the guide inside your Box to learn more about it.

An endless source of inspiration,
nature is fragile and must be
treated with respect
. Dr Olivier Courtin-Clarins

Say yes to Responsible Beauty!

In your CLARINS EARTH BOX, you will find a selection of products combining Beauty and Nature.

A cleansing trio!

  • Gentle Foaming Cleanser

    Enriched with cottonseed, it leaves the skin soft while the lightweight lather rinses away easily with water and protects against the drying effects of hard water.


  • Instant Eye Make-Up Remover

    It soothes the delicate eye area, doesn’t sting the eyes and strengthens the lashes. Organic cornflower extract has calming and softening properties.


  • Reusable Make-Up Remover Mitt
    Online Exclusive

    Ingenious, convenient and eco-designed, this mitt fits in perfectly with your make-up removing routine. Do something for the planet and your beauty!


3 well-being treatments!

  • Hydra-Essentiel
    Silky Cream

    The perfect partner of dehydrated skin. A silky feel and immediate well-being for intensely moisturised skin.


  • Multi-Active Night Cream

    The hard-working treatment created for you! With encapsulated teasel extract, a powerful, revitalising antioxidant plant ingredient extracted through organic farming practices.


  • Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate

    It provides the body and mind with rest and relaxation after physical exercise. With petit grain, chamomile and basil essential oils, and St. John’s wort, linden and valerian extracts... enjoy a little nature break.



You’ve just helped plant trees in the Amazon rainforest.

Since 2013, in partnership with PUR Projet, Clarins has helped plant 27,350 trees alongside different communities in the Brazilian Amazon, contributing to the preservation of their way of life in harmony with the rainforest.

The PUR Projet collective in action

A commitment to the Amazon rainforest

Clarins and PUR Projet are supporting various communities in the Amazon rainforest by planting trees in agroforestry projects, helping local people to preserve their way of life in harmony with the forest.
• 10,000 trees were planted in 2013 with the Kuntanawa community.
• 3,350 trees were planted in 2016 with the Ashaninka community.

In 2017, Clarins is teaming up with the Surui community to continue its environmental commitment.

Give your skin an energy boost!

Boost your life, boost your skin! In your Booster Box, you will find a selection of products combining Beauty and Vitality.

A cleansing duo

  • One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser with Orange Extract

    One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
    with Orange Extract

    It removes make-up, gently cleanses, exfoliates, and eliminates impurities in a single step. Orange extract helps soften, refresh, and rejuvenate the skin. What’s better than clean skin? Completely new skin!


  • Exfoliating Face Disc

    Exfoliating Face Disc
    Online Exclusive

    The perfect accessory for a healthy glow, soft skin, and a refined texture. Use it with your One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser for the cleanest, most radiant skin you’ve ever seen!


An energizing skin care duo

  • Booster Energy

    Energy Booster

    With ginseng extract, it tones and re-energises the skin and diminishes signs of fatigue: combine it with your Daily Energizer Cream and give your skin a real energy boost!


  • Crème Eclat du Jour

    Daily Energizer Cream

    With ginkgo biloba extract, it provides the skin with balanced hydration. It reveals a natural healthy glow and a fresh, even, radiant complexion.


Your Clarins Boxes

Discover future boxes and rediscover past ones

  • Clarins Selfie Box

    • Skincare and make-up for a flawless #nofilter complexion
    • Expert products for a look the camera will love
    • Lip colour to capture your best smile
    • A beauty guide for the perfect insta-selfie

    Clarins Selfie Box


  • Clarins Celebration Box

    • An ultra-luxe skincare duo
    • The essentials for a show-stopping look
    • Luminous colour for your lips
    • A Spa accessory by Clarins
    • A guide full of expert beauty tips

    Clarins Celebration Box



    Go for glow with the new Clarins Box!