Perfect Contouring Collection

Sculpted contours for a subtle play of contrasts

Sculpted features.

Sculpted features.

Skin care and make-up come together to reshape the face and highlight its strong points.

  • Skin Illusion BB Skin Detox Fluid SPF 25 €36.00
  • Baume Beauté Eclair Beauty Flash Balm €40.00
  • LIMITED EDITION Palette Contouring Face Contour Palette €45.00
Facile le contouring…

Contouring made easy...

A matte illuminator to brighten dark areas, a bronzer to sculpt, a fresh blush for a healthy glow... These three shades alone allow you to create a sculpted look that enhances and highlights your features. No other contouring palette has ever been this easy to understand and use, even for those who are new to the game.

The look <br>in 3 dimensions

The look
in 3 dimensions

The eyes are given shape with the stroke of a pencil and the lids come to life.

  • ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Stylo 4 couleurs 4-Colour Pen  
  • ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Ombre Iridescente Iridescent shadow  
  • Be Long Mascara Be Long Mascara  
An all-in-one make-up tool for eyes and lips.

An "all-in-one" make-up
tool for eyes and lips.

Clarins reinterprets the “school kid” pen with a make-up twist. Three eye contouring tips + one lip contouring tip = 6 possibilities.

A multi-faceted smile

A multi-faceted

Dressed with a dazzling colour, the smile is the radiant touch of this perfectly structured and contoured look.

  • Base fixante lèvre Lip Perfecting Base  
  • NEW SHADES Joli Rouge Brillant Joli Rouge Brillant N/A
High impact colour and shine.

High impact
colour and shine.

Vivid, stand-out colour! Clarins reinterprets the codes of shine with a graceful, modern touch.