Clarins and Fondation Arthritis: a special connection

A love story is at the heart of Fondation Arthritis’ creation: disheartened by the suffering his wife endured due to rheumatoid polyarthritis, Clarins Founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins established the Association for Polyarthritis Research in 1989. In the 1990s, his energy and faith made a real impact in research being conducted in the field of chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases.

Thirty years of working together...

Photo of Jacques Courtin-Clarins


A special connection

In 1989, Jacques Courtin-Clarins establishes the Association for Polyarthritis Research.

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Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins

In 2006, the Association for Polyarthritis Research becomes Fondation Arthritis

Photo of Claire, Jenna, Prisca and Virginie Courtin-Clarins


A family commitment

Every year since 2012, Claire, Jenna, Prisca and Virginie Courtin-Clarins have paid tribute to their grandmother by supporting and featuring the products benefiting the Fondation.

More than €100,000 has been raised since 2012!

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The MIRIAD project

In 2016, Clarins begins supporting the MIRIAD project sponsored by Prof. Maxime Bréban from Hopital Ambroise-Paré Paris (France).

**MIRIAD stands for Microbiome Research Initiative on Spondyloarthritis and Dysbiosis.

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More than €250,000 is raised through the sales of Tonic Body Treatment Oil in 2016 and through the Clarins group.

In 2017, this commitment was enriched even further, as it was co-funded and/or promoted by all of the Clarins group subsidiaries.

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For every Tonic Body Treatment Oil sold, Clarins will make a donation to help fund the MIRIAD project. The goal is to raise as much funding as possible to allow the teams to continue their research in hopes of finding treatments that ease the suffering of rheumatic diseases, which affect more than 100 million people in Europe.

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2019: 30 years of partnering together!

In 2019, Clarins is proudly celebrating 30 years of partnership with Fondation Arthritis.



2020: The CURE-RA Project

Over the next three years, Clarins is proud to support the CURE-RA project. An ambitious new research initiative, the CURE-RA project is working to develop a new treatment for the causes of rheumatoid arthritis, with the goal of improving the chances of long-term remission and, ultimately, finding a cure.

In the words of Olivier Courtin

Arthritis is a disease
that’s as old as the world…

but, over the past 40 years, these degenerative auto-immune diseases are being diagnosed more effectively. Some appear in childhood, some during the teen years and others in adulthood. They develop as the years go by and get worse, eroding joints and eroding one’s ability to find relief, well-being and peace with one’s body."

Photo of Olivier Courtin

Tonic Body Treatment Oil: an iconic and charitable product

A legacy reflecting over 65 years
of Institute expertise


The first Clarins Beauty Institute opens on Rue Tronchet in Paris’ 8th arrondissement


Clarins Treatment Oils are launched. They were commercialised at the request of customers who wished to continue experiencing the benefits of the Institute's oils at home.

Tonic body treatment oil bottle and mint leaves Field mint

Every year, with each purchase of Tonic Body Treatment Oil, Clarins will make a donation to Fondation Arthritis to support research programs for inflammatory rheumatic diseases.

*This oil is a cosmetic product. It does not have any therapeutic action nor is it a treatment for arthritis.

You too can support research with your Tonic Body Treatment Oil purchase!

100% of every donation will go to the fight against rheumatoid arthritis.

Tonic Body Treatment Oil "Firming/Toning"


Arthritis in images

Image of the Arthritis Foundation’s robot

Let's work together
to beat arthritis

We can all help to find a way to beat arthritis.
Join Clarins in the fight against arthritis and joint
disease with a small donation.