How do self tanners work?

1. The secrets of self tanners

When you apply self tanner, your skin takes on a sun-kissed glow. These products keep you looking golden and glowing all year round! But how do self tanners work to achieve this effect? Self tanners contain DHA, a molecule that browns skin when it enters into contact with amino acids on its surface. Clarins uses DHA in combination with erythrulose for a perfectly even colour. This combination ensures an even, sun-free tan. Please note that self tanners do not protect your skin from UV rays. If you head out into the sun after applying your self tanner, please make sure you also use sunscreen. By using a self tanner, you won't be soaking up the benefits of the sun, such as vitamin D and endorphins.

2. Boost your self tanner's results.

To maintain your tan as long as possible, there are two key steps to keep in mind. Firstly, before applying the product, exfoliate your skin to remove as many dead skin cells as possible. Next, moisturise intensively to help prevent the colour fading. This will also ensure you get even, radiant results. From waters and creams to balms and concentrates, Clarins has a host of different self tanner textures for instant or gradual results. For instance, you might like to try adding a few drops of the Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster to your day cream for a light, gradual tan. Whatever the texture you choose, remember that your tan won't last more than five days. Every time you wash, you remove dead skin cells, and your tan with them!

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