Africa - Desert Date

Stop no.: Burkina Faso

Desert Date,
fruit with cosmetic benefits

Name: Desert date
Latin name: Balanites roxburghii
Location: Burkina Faso
Type: Tree
Part(s) used: Nut

Remarkable resistance

A tree growing in the dry regions of Africa and Asia, the desert date – not to be confused with the date palm, which produces the date fruit – demonstrates extraordinary robustness. Its powerful system of roots enables it to dig deep down to reach water reserves in the ground and to withstand long periods of drought. This feat fascinates local populations, who consider the desert date to be sacred. The generous tree is an integral part of daily life, serving as a food source for humans and livestock, a medicinal plant, a construction material and fuel for fires. The oily paste obtained from its fruits was traditionally used to cleanse the skin and to reduce dark spots.

Cosmetic effectiveness

Even complexion

In cosmetics, organic Desert Date extracts helps visibly reduce the look of dark spots.

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