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What is cellulite?

1. Fat and adipose cellulite

Thighs, bottom and arms... cellulite can rear its ugly head just about anywhere. Cellulite is the result of excess fat that accumulates in adipocytes, the adipose tissue's cells. This is why this type of cellulite is referred to as 'adipose'. As they swell to accommodate the fat, the adipocytes deform the surface of the skin, resulting in the dreaded orange peel effect. When fat isn't burnt off, it's often because calorie intake exceeds calorie output.

2. When adipose cellulite becomes fibrous cellulite

If your cellulite feels painful to the touch, you have the fibrous kind. This long-standing cellulite is caused by an overproduction of rigid collagen fibres in the adipose tissue. These fibres 'trap' the adipocytes and harden your skin, resulting in tenderness and pain.

3. Water and aqueous cellulite

There's a third type of cellulite too, aqueous cellulite. The latter is caused by excess water stored in your skin tissue. This occurs when lymphatic circulation is sluggish and not active enough to drain all excess liquid in the body. Aqueous cellulite isn't painful and isn't as visible when you pinch the affected areas.

4. Body Fit, the perfect gel cream for targeting all three types of cellulite.

Clarins developed Body Fit to help fight all types of cellulite. When applied daily using the targeted massage techniques, this refreshing gel cream smooths and firms skin, leaving your figure trim and toned. Orange peel is smoothed away, whatever the root cause of your cellulite.

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