How to apply Super Restorative
Total Eye Concentrate

Get visibly younger eyes with an anti-ageing eye care

18 sec.

Adopt our temple-to-temple pressure draining method to open up your eyes, prevent eyelids from sagging, and regain firmness. Don’t forget to smooth over any pesky frown lines! This anti-ageing eye concentrate helps to:

  • Instantly lift the eyelids
  • Enhance the lashes.
  • Clarins +
  • Our pressure draining method, when applied around the eye area, reduces dark circles and puffiness by stimulating the natural circulation and prevents wrinkles from appearing, all without stretching the skin.
  • It also takes care of your lashes: the stronger they are, the more beautifully they fan out and the wider your eyes appear.

4 steps to more youthful eyes

  • 1


    Warm the product with your fingers to bring it up to the temperature of your skin and help it take effect instantly.
    3 seconds

  • 2
    Apply pressure

    Apply pressure

    Drain pressure with your fingers starting at the inside working outwards. Repeat 5 times below and above the eyes, moving from the inner corner towards the temples, following the natural direction of lymphatic circulation.
    10 seconds

  • 3


    Apply to the upper eyelid to intensify your lashes.
    2 seconds

  • 4


    Smooth your frown line upwards with your fingertips to diminish its appearance.
    3 seconds

    Our expert tips

    Remember to apply pressure all the way from one temple to the other. For best results repeat the process.

    Denise Barthes, International Training Manager

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