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Enhance your beauty with a touch of make-up. Follow our advice on how to choose and apply make-up to suit your skin tone and eye colour.

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Make-up : Expert beauty advice from Clarins

Want a sophisticated chic look with a touch of mascara, blusher, and lip gloss? Or a more natural, fresh-faced look?

The Expert Beauty Guide is your go-to source for selecting the right makeup for any occasion.

The guide provides step-by-step instructions on professional makeup application, ensuring your look lasts all day. Whether you're aiming for drama at a special event or a subtle, natural look, find all the essential advice in our Beauty Expert Guide.

Achieving flawless makeup begins with the perfect base, so our guide emphasises the importance of a regular skincare routine and the right primer, followed by foundation application.

On the quest for the ideal foundation to flatter your skin tone? The Expert Beauty Guide helps you navigate the selection of shades for a natural, complementary look. It also shows how to apply foundation for a smooth, contoured finish, highlighting foundations that offer skincare benefits like SPF protection and hydration.

Unsure which eye shadow or eyeliner enhances blue, brown, or green eyes? Our Beauty Expert Guide shows you how to define your eyes to accentuate their natural colour. Mascara selection is made simple with our advice tailored to the lash type and eye colour to achieve volume and length.

The guide offers detailed recommendations for wedding makeup, from eye shadow selection to the perfect lipstick for enduring all those special moments.

Utilise our virtual makeup tool to choose colours that match your skin tone and outfit perfectly.

The Expert Beauty Guide is an ideal starting point if you're new to makeup. It's like having a personal beauty consultation without leaving your home.