Beauty Expert Guide


Revitalise your daily skincare routine with expert guidance. Maintain your body's natural beauty with our specialists advice for comprehensive body care.

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Body care routine: Expert skincare advice from Clarins

Our Beauty Expert Guide helps you choose from ideal body care products, from daily routines to moisturisers and firming ranges. Learn to achieve a silky smooth finish, hydrate dry skin, and use exfoliators effectively.

As the seasons change, so should your skincare. The guide navigates you through products for each season, including enriching body lotions and hand and nail creams, to ensure year-round skin care.

Give your feet the care they need with our exfoliating, polishing, and moisturising techniques. Explore our range of treatment oils to help relax and enhance your feeling of well-being.

Maintain a year-round glow with our self-tanning solutions, learn about essential sun protection, and discover the best after-sun products to keep your tan intact.

Tackle body concerns like cellulite and slimming needs with our advice and targeted products with firming properties for a reinforced effect on the look of dimpled skin.

Expectant and new mothers will find dedicated advice for maintaining radiance during and after pregnancy, including improving skin elasticity.

Consult our Beauty Expert Guide for comprehensive body care advice, ensuring beauty and confidence every day.